10 of the Best Free Resources for Public Speaking and Presentations

Public speaking can be a challenge, but many online resources are available to guide you. Toastmasters gives foundational advice, Coursera hosts structured lessons, and MindTools has a wealth of articles. In this article, we delve deeper into these platforms and. more, providing an overview of what each offers.

Becoming a confident public speaker can take time. While some may have a natural knack for it, others might need a bit of guidance. Luckily, there are plenty of free resources online to help you out. So, before considering paid seminars, check out the wealth of content available at no cost.

1. Toastmasters International

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Since 1924, Toastmasters has been one of the most authoritative organizations providing pieces of training and certifications to aspiring and established public speakers all over the globe.

At present, Toastmasters has over 300,000 members coming from all over the world comprising of professionals such as lawyers, public administrators, educators, and engineers. The Toastmasters website offers a variety of public speaking resources. There, you can find downloadable PDFs, articles with speaking tips, podcasts, and video materials to aid your learning.

2. Coursera

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Luckily, educators found a way to keep up with the advent of cyberage. When schooling is carried out face to face inside classrooms before, students can now opt to learn remotely at home with the help of instructional materials made by professors.

One website that offers great opportunities for remote learning is Coursera. This is an online remote learning platform that started in 2012. What makes it better than other similar sites it’s that it’s affiliated with 200 leading universities worldwide such as the imperial college of London, Yale, University of Michigan, and Yonsei University.

Coursera offers a free course on public speaking consisting of four parts which you may complete in 2 – 3 hours. Through the course, you will learn how to speak effectively, how to present well, and how to prepare well for a speech.

3. MindTools

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MindTools is a simple to use platform that helps users improve writing skills, public speaking skills, leadership skills, and communications skills. Basically, this one works a bit similarly to coursera.

Type “public speaking” in the search bar, and you’ll be met with a vast array of resources. These include recorded interviews, articles, blog posts, book summaries, infographics, and beyond.

4. MySpeechClass

You have to thank Amanda Green and Jim Peterson for creating MySpeechClass – a website that aims to make speech more dynamic and exciting. MySpeechClass is reputable as it’s comprised of writers and speakers who are members of public speaking organizations such as Toastmasters.

You can use MySpeechClass to brainstorm for topics for persuasive speeches , argumentative speeches, informative speeches, kids’ speeches, funny and humorous speeches, and many more.

Aside from topics, MySpeechClass also offers learning sources for you to learn speech outlines, speech writing, and speech presentation. In sum, this website is an all-in-one spot for resources related to speech.

5. Quick&Dirty Tips

Screenshot of www.quickanddirtytips.com

The website’s quirky name might raise an eyebrow, but don’t be misled. It’s packed with expert content and is a valuable resource if you’re seeking free insights on public speaking.

Quick&Dirty Tips provides you with two options ; articles and podcasts. Go for podcasts if you want to learn a thing or two about public speaking while doing another task. On the other hand, go for articles if reading makes you learn faster.

Some reads that we recommend are:

  • Be Your Own Public Speaking Coach
  • Overcome Your Public Speaking Fear
  • 5 1/2 Public Speaking Lessons From Golden Globes
  • Vocal Exercises for Better Public Speaking
  • How Can I Control Sweating While Public Speaking?

6. The Public Speaking Project

Public Speaking Project‘s website might take you aback since it looks half-done. Nonetheless, this is understandable as the admins launched the website just recently.

You will appreciate The Public Speaking Project if you put your attention to its content and not its website’s visuals. This website offers two valuable resources for you; a PDF guide to public speaking and a virtual classroom offering lessons and exercises.

7. Presentation Zen

Screenshot of www.presentationzen.com

A compelling presentation can significantly enhance your public speaking, helping convey your points clearly and effectively. If you’re seeking online resources to refine your presentation skills, visit Presentation Zen.

Presentation Zen is owned by Garr Reynolds – public speaker, presenter, blogger, writer, musician, and an educator. With that said, this website is great as it’s founded by a guy who has a solid work portfolio as a presenter and public speaker.

What does Presentation Zen offer? It offers pieces of useful information about the basics of a good visual presentation, public speech, and other core topics important for professional devleopment.

8. Public Speaker Association

Screenshot of publicspeakersassociation.com

This recently launched organization works just like Toastmasters. Public Speaker Association builds a community of public speakers and helps them develop their skills. It does this by offering public speaking gigs to members such as conferences, conventions, summits, events, radio shows, and interviews.

Go to the blog section of Public Speaker Association’s website to read numerous blog posts about public speaking. Read interviews, tips, testimonials, public speaking video guides.

9. Fripp

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If presentations challenge you, consider exploring Fripp. The site is curated by Patricia Fripp, a respected speaker and coach with over 30 years of experience. It’s a platform where you can gain insights from her vast knowledge in visual presentation.

Fripp’s blog section provides free insightful articles about structuring presentations, opening presentations, closing presentations, and many more. Aside from blogs, Fripp also offers paid executive coaching , sales training, virtual training, and public speaking training.

10. Youtube

Youtube isn’t a public speaking site. However, it contains a lot of public speaking channels that offer insightful tips about public speaking. Examples are Online Communications Training and Resources, English with Kim, and Communication Coach Alex Lyon. These channels provide valuable tips and techniques for budding and experienced speakers alike.


Currently, mastering public speaking doesn’t require a hefty price tag. The internet is brimming with valuable resources, and the ones we’ve highlighted are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Toastmasters and Coursera offer foundational advice and structured lessons.
  • MindTools and MySpeechClass provide a variety of speaking-related articles and tools.
  • Presentation Zen and Fripp focus on enhancing visual presentation techniques.
  • YouTube has channels dedicated to public speaking tips.
  • While many tools are free, some offer premium content for deeper insights.

While many resources are free, some platforms offer premium content for a deeper dive. If you opt for these, you’ll access more comprehensive materials.

We recommend exploring the sites we’ve mentioned. Many public speakers trust and frequent them, so they’re well worth your time.