Can You Take Notes Into An Interview?

If you think having a few notes will help you feel more confident and perform at your best, go ahead and bring them along. Just be sure to keep them discreet and avoid consulting them too often during the interview.

When you’re getting ready for a big interview, feeling a little nervous is normal. After all, you want to make a good impression and land the job. One way to help ease your nerves is to prepare a few notes. But is it really okay to take notes during an interview? 

When Is It Okay to Take Notes Into an Interview?

Generally speaking, it’s perfectly fine to take notes in an interview. In fact, it can actually be helpful. Having a few key points written down can help you to feel more confident and ensure that you don’t forget anything important that you want to mention.

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind if you do decide to bring notes into your interview. First, be sure to keep them discreet. You don’t want your interviewer to think that you’re not paying attention or that you must rely on notes to answer their questions.

Second, avoid consulting them too often. If you’re constantly looking down at your notes, you’ll obviously be relying on them too much. Try to limit yourself to glancing at them every now and then or only referring to them if you really can’t remember something.

When It’s Not Appropriate to Bring Notes Into an Interview

There are a few situations when it might not be appropriate to bring notes into an interview. First, if the interviewer specifically asks you not to. In this case, it’s best to follow their instructions.

Second, if you’re interviewing for a position that will require some sort of written or practical test. In this case, the interviewer will likely provide you with all the information you need and may not want you to bring in any outside materials.

Finally, if you’re interviewing for a position that requires a high level of confidentiality, such as a job in the medical field, you may not be able to bring notes into the interview.

What If I’m Asked to Take Notes During the Interview?

Sometimes, your interviewer may ask you to take notes during the interview. For example, they might want to see how well you handle taking dictation or taking minutes at a meeting. If this happens, don’t panic. Instead, just take out your notepad and pen or pencil and take notes.

If you’re not asked to take notes but feel it would be helpful to do so, you can always ask if it’s okay. Just be sure to frame it positively. For example, you might say, “Would it be all right if I took a few notes during our conversation? I just want to make sure I remember everything we discuss.”

In most cases, your interviewer will say it’s okay. However, if they say no, that’s okay too. Just put away your notepad and focus on the conversation.

The Bottom Line

Overall, taking notes in an interview is okay as long as you’re discreet about it and don’t consult them too often. However, there are a few situations when it might not be appropriate, such as if the interviewer specifically asks you not to or if you’re interviewing for a position requiring a high confidentiality level.

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