How To Insert A Tick Symbol In Word

A tick mark, also called a check mark or checkmark, can help indicate the concept “yes” or “correct”. They are most often found in lists and checklists. There are several ways you can create a tick mark in Microsoft Word. Below, we’ll show you two easy methods.

Method 1: Insert Tick from the Symbol

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open your Microsoft Word document.Click on the Insert tab.

2. In the Symbols group, click on the Symbol icon from the top-right. Then, press “More Symbols”.

3. This will open a box with all the available symbols. Write “Windings” in the Font box and scroll down or up in the box to find the tick symbol.

5. Select the preferred tick symbol with your mouse and click “Insert”. That’s it done.

Method 2: Smart Way to Insert Tick Symbol Quickly

If you often need to use the Tick symbol, you can create a shortcut for it. Here is how to do so:

1. Follow the first five steps from the method one.

2. Click “AutoCorrect” in the popup box. Make sure the tick symbol is selected in the meantime.

3. In the new popup, “/tick” under the “Replace” box and press “Add” and “Ok”. Close the box.

4. Now write /tick and press Enter at the place where you want to add the tick and see the magic.

You can use this shortcut to quickly add the tick mark to your MS Word documents.

Bonus Tip: Quickest Way to Add Tick List

If you want to create a list with tick, here is how you can do so in the shortest time:

Press the downward icon beside the Bullets in the from the top taskbar and press the tick option. That’s it; now you will be able to create list with the tick.


These are two of the best ways to insert a tick symbol in Word. Please let us know in the comment section below if you know of any other method. Thanks for reading.