101 Impromptu Public Speaking Topics

Public speaking topics can be useful to have in mind when you need to give an impromptu speech because they can serve as a foundation for your thoughts and ideas. Use these 101 public speaking topics to inspire, educate, and motivate your audience.

  1. The benefits of learning from failure
  2. Effects of climate change and global warming
  3. The role of technology in education
  4. Social media has done more damage than good
  5. The benefits of teamwork
  6. How to be an effective communicator
  7. Colors affect the way we feel
  8. The benefits of setting goals
  9. How to prevent bullying
  10. The benefits of reading
  11. Parents have the greatest influence on our lives.
  12. The benefits of a healthy diet
  13. The impact of social media on the spread of misinformation
  14. Wisdom comes from experience
  15. The most valuable advice
  16. The benefits of forgiveness
  17. How “beauty is always in the eye of the beholder”
  18. The importance of financial responsibility
  19. Lessons learned from love
  20. How to learn a new skill
  21. Superstitions that you believe in
  22. The pros and cons of saving money
  23. The benefits of free education
  24. Breaking habits are hard
  25. The most important lesson I learned in my life
  26. Three things that makes me happy
  27. The pros and cons of social media
  28. Favorite hobby
  29. The difference between real and fake news
  30. The things that scare me
  31. Real wealth is not money
  32. How to stay away from online scams
  33. Introverts or extroverts
  34. The importance of laughter
  35. Public Smoking is dangerous
  36. Music is a reflection of emotions
  37. Mental health is important
  38. The importance of communication in personal relationships
  39. The benefits of a healthy work-life balance
  40. Self-care is important.
  41. Should homework be assigned in schools?
  42. The benefits of meditation and mindfulness
  43. Overcoming fear in public speaking
  44. Defining success
  45. Recycling should be made compulsory
  46. How to be a leader
  47. Surviving without internet
  48. Health is wealth
  49. How to study effectively
  50. The best age to own a mobile phone
  51. Animal testing should be banned
  52. Saving water is important
  53. Knowledge is power
  54. Value of education
  55. Pros and cons of using the internet
  56. Importance of cleanliness
  57. Practice makes perfect
  58. Trust is earned.
  59. The best things in life are free 
  60. How to control water pollution
  61. Paper books versus E-books
  62. Best things to do in the summer
  63. The moment that changed your life forever
  64. What is my dream job?
  65. What I’ve learned from cartoons
  66. Lessons learned from the pandemic
  67. Best school to study
  68. The benefits of gratitude
  69. The impact of video games on society
  70. The role of education in reducing poverty
  71. The proudest moment of your life
  72. The benefits of a good night’s sleep
  73. If you were an animal, what would you be?
  74. Explain which came first: the chicken or the egg. 
  75. How to save money
  76. Great things about the ocean
  77. Manners matter.
  78. Is a glass half full or half empty?
  79. The importance of communication
  80. The best book I have ever read
  81. The greatest gift I ever had
  82. Plastic bags versus paper bags
  83. Pet adoption is best choice
  84. Children should not watch television.
  85. What motivates me?
  86. The benefits of keeping personal life private
  87. The best sport
  88. The best travel destination
  89. How to become a millionaire
  90. Is knowledge more important than wisdom?
  91. An ideal hero is…
  92. Favorite school subject
  93. Three things I’d change if I ruled the world.
  94. Favorite movie
  95. Describe how you would modify a snail so it can go faster.
  96. Song that inspires you
  97. How to sound confident
  98. Money is the root of all evil
  99. The importance of creativity
  100. Would you change the past or see the future?
  101. How to build friendships


Public speaking topics can provide a foundation for thoughts and ideas. Practicing on these topics may help you perfect your next speech. Choosing topics that you feel comfortable discussing can help you feel more confident and prepared when giving a presentation. With the right type of public speaking topic,you are able to convey your message effectively,