50 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Goal Setting

Setting and achieving your goals can often be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking the time to reflect and ask yourself the right questions, you can gain clarity on what you truly want to accomplish and create a plan to make it happen. 

We’ve put together a list of 50 essential questions you need to ask yourself when setting goals. These questions cover everything from assessing your current situation, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, determining your priorities, and creating a timeline for achieving your goals. 

  1. What are the things I want to achieve this year?
  2. What are the things I want to achieve in life?
  3. Do I see myself going home in the same space 5 years from now?
  4. How do I envision the happiest version of myself?
  5. What makes me truly happy?
  6. What are the potential obstacles that may prevent me from achieving this goal?
  7. How can I overcome these obstacles?
  8. How will I measure my progress towards this goal?
  9. What will success look like when I achieve this goal?
  10. How will I celebrate when I achieve this goal?
  11. Am I being realistic about the time and resources required to achieve this goal?
  12. Am I willing to ask for help and support in achieving this goal?
  13. How will this goal impact my personal and professional relationships?
  14. How can I make this day better?
  15. What are the lessons I learned today?
  16. What is going well with my life right now?
  17. Are there people I’m connected with that don’t serve a purpose in my life?
  18. What makes me question my worth?
  19. Am I learning enough knowledge each passing month?
  20. What do I regret not doing last year?
  21. How much should I earn to live the life I envision myself living?
  22. What could I do to earn that much?
  23. What skills do I need to develop
  24. What is my biggest fear in life?
  25. Who do I need to connect with that can help me in my chosen path?
  26. Are there any limiting beliefs holding me back from pursuing this goal?
  27. Am I willing to confront and overcome any past failures that may be hindering me from achieving this goal?
  28. Where should I write my goals to make it easier for me to feel motivated? 
  29. What is my backup plan if I don’t achieve this goal?
  30. How will I maintain my motivation when things get difficult?
  31. How will I maintain a positive attitude throughout the process?
  32. What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  33. What are my passions and interests?
  34. Will my goals make my life more meaningful?
  35. Who do I want to celebrate success with?
  36. Have I critically evaluated the potential consequences of achieving this goal?
  37. Am I willing to put in the time and effort to continually improve and refine my skills and knowledge in order to achieve this goal?
  38. How long will it take for me to achieve these goals?
  39. What activities can I engage in to avoid burnout?
  40. What are my top priorities?
  41. Am I setting goals that align with my values and priorities in life?
  42. Am I setting goals that are challenging and stretch me out of my comfort zone?
  43. Which goals should I place at the bottom of the list?
  44. What habits do I need to form in order to prep me for achieving my goals?
  45. Am I willing to learn from my mistakes and failures along the way?
  46. Am I open to the idea that my goals may change and evolve over time?
  47. What are the resources (financial, human, material) that I need to achieve my goals?
  48. How will I measure success?
  49. How will achieving my goals impact my finances?
  50. How will achieving my goals impact my community?

By asking yourself the right questions, you can ensure that your goals are aligned with your values, passions, and priorities, and that you have a clear plan for achieving them. The 50 questions outlined in this article are meant to serve as a guide, helping you to reflect on your goals and ensure that you are setting yourself up for success. 

Remember, goal setting is an ongoing process and it’s important to regularly revisit your goals and adjust them as needed.