What is a GDOC File (And How Do I Open One)?

The GDOC file type is a shortcut file format to open Google Docs documents stored in your Google Drive. The file contains information about the document itself as well as the Gmail account used to create it.

You can generate GDOC files using Google Drive for Desktop and open them via the Google Drive app or website. Keep reading to learn more about GDOC files.

More About the GDOC File

One of the benefits of the Google Drive for Desktop application is when you download it on your PC, you can easily access your Google Docs files from your PC. GDOC files are created as a shortcut to open your Google Docs stored in the cloud. It actually doesn’t contain the original document; rather, it only has information about the document.

Each GDOC file is a JSON file that records the URL and ID related to the document, as well as the Gmail account name used to generate it.

How to Open GDOC Files

Opening the GDOC file is very simple. All you need to do is to locate the file on File Explorer (usually under Google Drive > My Drive) and then double-click to open it. Typically, you cannot open these files with any text editor. However, you can download the file from File > Download after opening it in the Drive application first.


The GDOC file is simply a shortcut on your PC to open documents stored in your Google Drive. It doesn’t contain the actual document but rather information about it. You can open GDOC files by double-clicking them or opening them in the Drive application. From there, you can either view the document or download it to your computer.