What is a GSLIDES File (And How Do I Open One)?

The GSLIDES is a shortcut file extension to open Google Slides documents from Google Drive for Desktop. It contains data related to the original file, such as the file name, URL, the location of the file on Google Drive, and the associated Gmail account.

Google Slides is a popular cloud-based presentation software used by millions of users around the world. It offers a variety of features and options to help you create professional-looking presentations. While these files are stored in your Google Drive, you can also access them quickly from your computer through Google Drive for Desktop.

More About the GSLIDES Files Extension 

GSLIDES files are generally small in size since they only contain some information instead of the original file. This data is used by Google Drive for Desktop to quickly open the associated Google Slides document without logging into your account or searching for the file on Google Drive.

The GSLIDES file extension is not specific to any one operating system, which means it can be opened on a Windows PC, Mac, and other operating systems for which the Google Drive for Desktop application is available.

How to Open GSLIDES Files?

It’s very straightforward to open GSLIDES files. Just double-click on the file from your file explorer under Google Drive > My Drive, and Google Drive for Desktop will automatically launch and open the associated Google Slides document. 

It is not possible to open GSLIDES without Google Drive for Desktop since it is the only program that uses this file extension. If you want to open the GSLIDES file with a 3rd party program, first you will need to open the file with Google Drive for Desktop and then export it as a PDF or other file type that can be opened on another program.


The GSLIDES file extension is a shortcut used to quickly open Google Slides documents from your computer. We hope this article has helped you understand this file extension and how to open it. Thanks for reading!