What Is Microsoft Teams Exploratory?

Microsoft Teams Exploratory is an experience that enables organizations to evaluate Teams’ features and capabilities for free. This trial offer aims to help potential customers discover the benefits of the collaboration platform before committing to a paid subscription. 

Beyond the initial appeal of a cost-free introduction, Microsoft Teams Exploratory positions itself as more than just a trial—it’s a gateway to discovering optimized collaboration. Tailored for those who haven’t yet subscribed to Office 365 or Microsoft 365, the platform extends an invitation to explore, evaluate, and experience its rich offerings.

Introducing Microsoft Teams Exploratory

Microsoft Teams Exploratory is a unique trial experience tailor-made for organizations. It’s a chance to dip your toes into the vast ocean of Teams’ features and capabilities without spending a dime. The overarching objective here is simple: provide potential users an in-depth look at what the platform can offer. However, there are certain prerequisites to note:

  • Users should not have an existing paid Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription.
  • They should be fresh to the Teams experience, meaning no prior Teams subscription under their belt.

This trial isn’t just about individual exploration; once a user is onboarded, they can usher in other members from their organization to join the exploration, enhancing the collective experience.

Accessing and Managing Microsoft Teams Exploratory

Diving into the Exploratory experience is hassle-free. A seamless sign-up process, guided by a series of self-service steps, awaits the eligible users. Once inside, the exploratory world is not restricted to them alone; they can invite their colleagues to partake in this collective journey.

Administrators within the organization play a pivotal role during this trial. They manage user access and control the Teams features that users interact with. This managerial function ensures that the trial period is maximized, enabling the organization to get a holistic view of Teams’ potential.

Features and Limitations of Microsoft Teams Exploratory

Microsoft Teams Exploratory offers a comprehensive snapshot of the potential benefits of the platform. While the trial version is replete with core features, it does come with its set of limitations:

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive access to many of the core features, allowing organizations to get a genuine feel of the platform.
  • Administrative control which grants administrators the power to manage user access and oversee feature utilization. This ensures that organizations can maximize their trial experience.
  • A full-year duration to truly dive deep and assess the capabilities of Microsoft Teams.


  • The trial is bound by a one-year limit. Once it wraps up, organizations are at a juncture where they must decide on their next course of action.
  • Potential restrictions exist, as some advanced features might be held back in the Exploratory version.
  • At the trial’s conclusion, there’s a choice to be made: transition into a paid version or lose some of the functionalities if one chooses to step back.

Exploratory License Expiration and Next Steps

The Microsoft Teams Exploratory trial is set for a year, making it essential for organizations to keep an eye on the ticking clock. As the expiration date looms, organizations must evaluate their journey on the platform and decide their next move.

If the platform has ingrained itself as an invaluable asset during the trial, the process of moving to a paid subscription is straightforward, ensuring a smooth shift. However, if the platform doesn’t resonate with the organization’s needs or expectations, they can choose to opt out, albeit at the cost of losing some functionalities.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Teams Exploratory is a golden opportunity for organizations to take the platform for a year-long test drive, equipping them with all the insights needed to make an informed decision at the end.

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