10 Of The Best Fonts For PowerPoint

Font choice is an important aspect of any presentation. You want to ensure that the fonts you choose are both easy to read and engaging. The good news is that there are plenty of font options to make your PowerPoint presentation stand out.

Whether you’re creating a business presentation or something more creative, here are 10 of the best fonts you can use for PowerPoint:

1. Palatino Linotype

Palatino is an old-style serif font created by Hermann Zapf in 1949. The font is widely used in books and magazines due to its readability. Palatino Linotype is the digitalized form of the classic Palatino font and is an excellent choice for PowerPoint presentations. Its classical proportions and elegant details make it a perfect choice to impress your audience.

2. Lato

Lato is a sans-serif font family designed by Łukasz Dziedzic. It has been described as one of the most versatile sans-serif typefaces ever designed. Its rounded, open curves make it highly eye-catching and readable, even at smaller font sizes. Lato is perfect for both business and creative presentations, as it can add harmony and elegance to your presentation.

3. Roboto

Roboto is a neo-grotesque sans-serif designed by Christian Robertson for Google in 2011. Google uses it as its official font, and it is widely used on the web. Roboto has a large geometric look with a modern touch. The font has crisp and distinct tracetrack-shaped rounded letters suitable for all kinds of digital documents, including presentations. Its balanced design makes it positively legible and easy to read on any screen size.

4. Garamond

Garamond is a classic serif font created by Parisian engraver Claude Garamond in the 16th century. The immense popularity of the font in the early centuries helped it to be still widely used in today’s world. There are many different digitalized versions of the font. It is a beautiful font with subtle details and an organic feel. Garamond is perfect for presentations that need old-world charm and elegance.

5. Berlin Sans FB

Berlin Sans FB is a sans-serif typeface designed by the famous German-type designer Lucian Bernhard. It has an appealing, modern look with slightly condensed forms. The geometric shapes of the font give it a technical feel that makes it perfect for corporate presentations as well as more creative ones.

6. Montserrat

Montserrat is a geometric sans-serif font created by Julieta Ulanovsky in 2012. The font is inspired by the traditional signage and posters of the Montserrat neighborhood in Buenos Aires. You can use this versatile font in any type of presentation, from modern to vintage style. Its higher readability and clean appearance make it an ideal choice for both creative and formal presentations.

7. Franklin Gothic

Franklin Gothic is a classic large sans-serif font created by Morris Fuller Benton in the early 20th century. In the early days, it was widely used in advertisements and headlines in the print media. The font maintains its popularity due to its strong personality and bold forms. Its thick letterforms make it easy to read, and its sharp edges add a sense of professionalism to any presentation.

8. Candara

Candara is a humanist sans-serif typeface developed by Gary Munch in 2004 for Microsoft. The font has an appealing, modern look with subtle details like curved strokes that give it a friendly feel. Its balanced forms make it legible even when used for smaller font sizes. As an open-type font, it also provides numerous additional characters, such as ligatures, numerals, etc. Candara is perfect for presentations with a modern twist.

9. Bentham

Bentham is an old-style serif font created by a well-known designer Ben Weiner. The font has the classic look of traditional serif fonts with slight modern touches. It’s inspired by the 19th-century letterings used in gravestones, maps, etc. Bentham is great for presentations that need a sophisticated and timeless look. The font works especially well in headlines and titles, creating an elegant presence on the slide.

10. Segoe UI

Segoe UI is a versatile font family designed by Steve Matteson and licensed by Microsoft. The font is widely used by Microsoft in their print advertising as well as on their digital products. It is a friendly and legible font that can be used for various purposes, including presentations. The balanced form of the typeface makes it easy to read, while the contrasting weights make it an excellent choice for any presentation to convey important information.

Important Note: Not all these fonts are available as built-in in Microsoft PowerPoint, and you may need to download them from the internet.


When choosing fonts for your presentation, it is important to pick them wisely. These 10 fonts are some of the best fonts for PowerPoint presentations that can help to give your presentation a professional and modern look. Note that not all of them will work for every situation, so keep in mind the specific needs of your presentation and choose a font accordingly.