The 8 Best Google Meet Extensions for Teachers

If you are using Google Meet to teach online classes, you know that it can be difficult to keep track of everything. You might be using different apps and websites to keep track of your students, manage your schedule, and communicate with parents. But what if there was a way to make Google Meet even more powerful?

There are some Google Meet extensions that can help you do everything from keeping better track of your students to adding fun features to your online classes. This article will share the best Google Meet extensions for teachers, which will help you make the most out of their online teaching experience.

1. tl;dv

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The first Google Meet extension on our list is tl;dv. This extension allows you to record and transcribe your online classes. You can access the records immediately after the class or save them for later. This is an easy way to track what was discussed in class or review the material later for both teacher and student. You can also transcribe to more than 20+ languages with the tl;dv extension.

2. Meet Attendance

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Do you often struggle to track the attendance of your online classes? Meet Attendance can help you with that. This extension allows you to take attendance time-wise during Google Meet sessions and see who was present. You can also export the attendance data to a CSV or excel file.

3. Reaction for Google Meet

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Reaction for Google Meet is a great extension that allows you to add reactions to your online classes. This can be an excellent way to engage with your students and make your class more fun without making any noise. You can also use the reactions to give or get feedback in real-time. If you want to keep the class silent during a virtual presentation, the extension can also be used to do so.

4. Dualless

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Dual monitors during an online class can be beneficial while teaching online in Google Meet. But what if you don’t have a second monitor? The Dualless extension enables you to use the single monitor of your PC as dual monitors. You can split the screen into different sizes as needed. This can be very helpful if you need to show something on your screen and don’t want everyone in the class to see it.

5. Momentum

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Momentum allows you to stay focused during your online classes. It replaces your Chrome’s new tab page with a beautiful image and inspiring quote. You can also add weather information and a clock to the dashboard. Moreover, there is a to-do list where you can add your tasks for the day. This can be a fabulous way to stay on track and be more productive during your online classes.

7. Call Timer for Meet

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If you want to keep track of the time during your online classes, Call Timer for Meet can help you. This extension allows you to see a timer in the Google Meet interface and start/stop it as needed. You can also set the duration of the call to avoid overrunning. This can be an easy way to keep your classes organized and on track.

8. Google Meet Breakout Rooms

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Google Meet Breakout Rooms extension allows you to create multiple virtual rooms for your online classes. With the extension, you can engage your students and get them working in small groups. You can also use the extension to randomly or manually assign students to different groups for exams, quizzes, and survey sessions.


There are many useful Google Meet extensions available that can help teachers with online teaching. These extensions can help with taking attendance, transcribing classes, adding reactions, and more. Choose the extensions that best meet your needs, and start using them today!