How To Print Google Doc With Comments

To print a Google Doc with comments, simply download the document as a Microsoft Word file and print it using the Word application. Alternatively, use Chrome extensions like GoFullPage to capture the doc as a screenshot which includes the comments, and then print it.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature in Google Docs that enable you to print the document with the comments. However, there are some straightforward workarounds that you can utilize to do so. Find out more below.

Printing Google Docs with Comments With MS Word

Printing Google Docs with comments can be easily achieved by exporting the document to Microsoft Word or as a Web Page. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open your Google Doc.
  2. Click on ‘File’ in the top left corner.
  3. Select ‘Download.’
  4. Choose ‘Microsoft Word (.docx).’
  5. After downloading, open the file in Microsoft Word.
  6. Go to ‘File’ > ‘Print’ and select ‘Print All Pages.’

Another option is to export the document as a Web Page, which retains the visual appearance of the paper, including comments. To export as a Web Page, click on ‘File,’ select ‘Download,’ and choose ‘Web Page (.html, zipped).’

Once downloaded, extract the zip file and open the HTML file in a web browser. From there, you can use the browser’s print function to print the document along with the comments.

Utilizing Chrome Extensions for Comment Printing

Utilizing Chrome extensions like GoFullPage can simplify the process of printing Google Docs with comments included. These extensions enhance the functionality of the Google Docs platform without the need to export or convert files, streamlining the overall experience.

GoFullPage is a versatile Chrome extension that lets you take screenshots of entire pages, including comments in Google Docs. To use this tool, install the extension from the Chrome Web Store by pressing ‘Add to Chrome.’

Then open your Google Doc, and click the Full Page Screen Capture icon in your browser toolbar. The extension will generate an image of the entire document, which can be saved or printed directly.


Printing Google Docs with comments can be accomplished using various methods, such as exporting the document to Microsoft Word or as a Web Page, which enables compatibility with more programs and retains the comments for printing. Alternatively, Chrome extensions like GoFullPage can help you quickly take screenshots of entire pages with comments.

By exploring and utilizing these handy methods, you can overcome the limitations of Google Docs’ native print feature and enhance your productivity, ensuring that important comments and document information are preserved in your printouts.