100 Funny How To Topics

There’s so much you can do in life, but if you’re looking for a good laugh, then look no further than these funny how-to topics! From the ridiculous to the sublime, you’ll find plenty of fun and creative ways to tackle life’s everyday tasks.  Here are some ideas to get you started!

  1. How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors Every Time
  2. How to Survive a Day Without Your Phone
  3. How to Fake Your Own Death (For Fun, Not Profit)
  4. How to Make a Delicious Meal Out of Leftovers
  5. How to Win Every Argument
  6. How to Become an Expert Procrastinator
  7. How to Make Friends With a Cactus
  8. How to Build a Pillow Fort
  9. How to Speak in a Funny Accent
  10. How to Create a Meme
  11. How to Fake Being Sick
  12. How to Throw the Perfect Party
  13. How to Survive a Day Without Technology
  14. How to Become an Expert at Making Jokes
  15. How to Stay Awake All Night
  16. How to Speak in Different Voices
  17. How to Make a Costume Out of Anything
  18. How to Be the Life of the Party
  19. How to Make a Balloon Animal
  20. How to Play Charades Like a Pro
  21. How to Come Up With New Ideas for Pranks
  22. How to Make a Paper Hat
  23. How to Perform Magic Tricks
  24. How to Do the Perfect Impression
  25. How to Make a Crazy Hat
  26. How to Make a Crazy Face
  27. How to Change Your Voice To Sound Like Someone Else
  28. How to Give a Good Jab at Someone Without Being Mean
  29. How to Make a Cardboard Box Look Like Anything
  30. How to Tell a Story Just by Showing Pictures
  31. How to Draw a Perfect Circle With Your Eyes Closed
  32. How to Deal with an Awkward Silence
  33. How to Make a Good Impression on a First Date
  34. How to Make the Perfect Pancake
  35. How to Win an Argument
  36. How to Fake a Sneeze
  37. How to Hide an Unwanted Guest
  38. How to Talk to a Stranger
  39. How to Play the Blame Game
  40. How to Tell a Good Joke
  41. How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Smarter Than You Are
  42. How to Get Out of Doing Chores
  43. How to Avoid Eye Contact
  44. How to Fake a Sick Day
  45. How to Survive a Boring Lecture
  46. How to Appear Busy When You’re Bored
  47. How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Stay Out Late
  48. How to Make a Last Minute Halloween Costume
  49. How to Survive a Road Trip with Kids
  50. How to Trick Your Friends into Thinking You’re Cooler Than You Are
  51. How to Make a Killer Impression at a Job Interview
  52. How to Make a Prank Call Without Getting Caught
  53. How to Survive a Long Flight
  54. How to Act Like You Know What You’re Talking About When You Don’t
  55. How to Survive a Group Project
  56. How to Get Out of Doing Dishes
  57. How to Pretend You’re Paying Attention During a Meeting
  58. How to Survive an Awkward Family Gathering
  59. How to Make a Sandwich With Only One Hand
  60. How to Do Your Taxes in Under 5 Minutes
  61. How to Cook a Gourmet Meal Using Only a Toaster Oven
  62. How to Make a Fortune Telling Machine Out of a Cardboard Box
  63. How to Turn a Random Object Into a Musical Instrument
  64. How to Trick Your Brain into Thinking You’re on Vacation
  65. How to Create the Perfect Alibi
  66. How to Avoid Adulting
  67. How to Keep Your Housemates from Finding Out You’re a Secret Genius
  68. How to Get Out of Any Situation
  69. How to Turn Your Pet into a Service Animal (Just Kidding, Don’t Do That)
  70. How to Win at Board Games Without Actually Being Good at Them
  71. How to Be a Master of Disguise
  72. How to Make Your Own Fortune Cookies (Without a Wok)
  73. How to Pull Off the Perfect Practical Joke
  74. How to Fake Your Own Superpowers (For Halloween or Just Because)
  75. How to Make Your Own Magic Tricks (With Household Items)
  76. How to Build Your Own Robot
  77. How to Make a Spectacularly Awkward First Impression
  78. How to Make a Two-Minute Meal in Under a Minute
  79. How to Win an Argument Without Saying a Word
  80. How to Appear Busy When You’re Completely Bored
  81. How to Eat an Entire Pizza in 5 Minutes
  82. How to Convince Your Parents You’re Responsible Enough for a Pet
  83. How to Make a Huge Mess in Just 5 Minutes
  84. How to Convince Your Parents to Buy You the Latest Video Game
  85. How to Pack a Picnic for Two in Under 5 Minutes
  86. How To Make a Bad Joke Even Worse 
  87. How To Make a Good Joke Even Better 
  88. How To Tell a Knock Knock Joke Without Making Your Audience Groan 
  89. How To Turn an Awkward Moment into an Awkward Laugh 
  90. How To Get Kids to Laugh Until They Cry 
  91. How To Tell a Dad Joke Without Being Too Corny
  92. How To Make Someone Giggle Without Saying a Word 
  93. How To Make a Fake Smile Look Real
  94. How To Appear Witty in a Conversation Without Actually Being Witty 
  95. How To Spot a Fake Laugh A Mile Away 
  96. How to Come Up with the Funniest One-Liners 
  97. How to Become a Master of Sarcasm 
  98. How to Re-tell a Joke So Everyone Gets the Punchline 
  99. How to Make a Perfectly Timed Joke
  100. How to Be Charismatic Around Strangers

Final Thoughts

To conclude, these funny how-to topics can be fun and educational. Whether you need a good laugh or a refresher on how to do something, these topics can provide a great way to get the job done. So next time you’re in need of a little bit of humor and education, give one of these topics a try!