101 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Humor can be a powerful tool when it comes to delivering persuasive speeches. It can help engage an audience and make a point more memorable. Here, we’ve compiled a list of funny persuasive speech topics that you can use to get your audience laughing and thinking. 

Whether your goal is to make them laugh, think, or both, these humorous topics are sure to be a hit. So grab a microphone and get ready to make your case in a funny and persuasive way!

  1. Cats Are Secretly Plotting to Take Over the World
  2. The Government Should Mandate That All Citizens Must Take a Weekly Nap
  3. Chocolate Is a Necessary Food Group
  4. People Should Be Allowed to Bring Their Pets to Work Every Day
  5. Pajamas Should Be Acceptable Office Attire
  6. The Moon Landing Was Faked
  7. All Restaurants Should Have a “Nap Room” for Customers
  8. Gravity Is Just a Theory, and It’s Time to Consider Other Possibilities
  9. Video Games Should Count as Exercise
  10. School Should Start at Noon Every Day
  11. Bacon Should Be Its Own Food Group
  12. Vacations Should Be Required by Law 
  13. Everyone Should Have a Pet Rock
  14. Why Everyone Should Be Required to Learn How to Play a Musical Instrument
  15. The Benefits of Being a Cat Person vs. A Dog Person
  16. The Importance of Wearing Pajamas All Day, Every Day
  17. Why Pineapple Does Not Belong on Pizza
  18. Coffee Should Be Considered a Basic Human Right
  19. Why We Should All Have a Personal Robot
  20. Why We Should All Get Paid for Doing Chores
  21. The World Would Be a Better Place If All Politicians Had to Take a Lie Detector Test
  22. Why We Should All Have a Three-Day Weekend Every Week
  23. Why Everyone Should Have a Dog as a Best Friend
  24. Why We Should All Become Professional Superheroes
  25. The Benefits of Doing Nothing for an Entire Day
  26. Why We Should Abolish Daylight Savings Time
  27. Why We Should All Start Doing Yoga
  28. The Benefits of Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast
  29. Coffee Should Be Freely Available Everywhere
  30. Fantasy Football Should Be Considered an Official Sport 
  31. Ice Cream Should Be the National Food of the United States
  32. The Government Should Provide Free Internet Access to All Citizens
  33. Taxpayers Should Receive a Financial Reward for Doing Their Civic Duty 
  34. Everyone Should Have to Take a Road Trip Every Year 
  35. Cheese Should Be Its Own Food Group
  36. Schools Should Teach Parents How to Parent
  37. The Government Should Provide Free Bubble Wrap to Everyone
  38. Coffee Should Be an Essential Vitamin 
  39. The Internet Should Be Tax-Free 
  40. Exercising Should Be Fun and Not a Chore 
  41. A Universal “Snooze” Button Should Be Installed on All Alarm Clocks 
  42. Going to the Dentist Should Be a Fun Activity 
  43. Schools Should Offer More Extracurricular Activities in the Arts
  44. Couch Potatoes Should Receive a Medal of Honor 
  45. Office Meetings Should Be Held at a Local Bar
  46. Yoga Is the Key to World Peace 
  47. Parents Should Get a Day Off Every Week 
  48. Everyone Should Have to Do Karaoke at Least Once in Their Lives 
  49. All Students Should Receive a Trophy Just for Showing Up 
  50. Schools Should Require All Students to Take a Cooking Class
  51. Video Games Should Replace Homework
  52. Humans Should Take the Day Off Every Week to Play
  53. Schools Should Teach Life Skills, Not Just Textbook Knowledge
  54. The Government Should Offer Free Comedy Writing Courses 
  55. Schools Should Offer Credit for Watching Movies and TV Shows 
  56. Everyone Should Be Required to Learn a Foreign Language 
  57. All Movies Should Have a Sing-Along Version 
  58. Why Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs
  59. The Benefits of Eating Dessert First
  60. The Importance of Being a Little Bit Clumsy
  61. The Benefits of Procrastination
  62. Why Going to Bed Early Is Overrated
  63. The Benefits of Being Forgetful
  64. Pizza Is the Most Nutritious Food
  65. The Moon Is Made of Cheese
  66. Santa Claus Is Real
  67. The World Would Be a Better Place if Everyone Wore a Tutu
  68. Chocolate Milk Is the Best Milk
  69. Why Toilet Paper Should Be Dispensed From the Top, Not the Bottom
  70. Why Wearing Crocs Is Actually a Fashion Statement
  71. Why It’s Time for a Ban on All Types of Hats
  72. Schools Should Have a Taco Tuesday Every Week
  73. All Couples Should Take a “Relationship Sabbatical” Once a Year
  74. A Chicken Nugget Should Be the Official Currency of the World
  75. The Government Should Create a National Holiday Dedicated to Napping
  76. It Should Be Legal to Make Your Own Beer at Home
  77. Schools Should Offer Puppy Petting Breaks
  78. Parents Should Not Be Permitted to Criticize Their Children’s Fashion Choices
  79. Ice Cream Should Be Served for Every Meal
  80. Coffee Should Be Considered a Nutritious Beverage
  81. The Best Way to Stay Healthy Is to Eat Fast Food
  82. Parents Should Have to Take a Test Before Having Kids
  83. Marriage Should Be Abolished 
  84. Junk Food Should Be Taxed 
  85. Schools Should Serve Pizza for Breakfast Every Day 
  86. The United Nations Should Declare World Peace
  87. Fried Chicken Should Be Considered a Vegetable
  88. The Best TV Show Ever Is The Office
  89. Chocolate Chip Cookies Should Be the Official Currency
  90. Dogs Should Be Allowed to Vote
  91. It Should Be Illegal to Not Laugh at Your Own Jokes
  92. Cheez-Its Should Be Considered a Health Food
  93. Kids Should Be Allowed to Stay Up Past Bedtime
  94. All Family Vacations Should Include a Trip to the Moon
  95. Finger-Pointing Should Be Banned
  96. Every Home Should Have Its Own Sloth
  97. Grocery Shopping Should Be a Contact Sport
  98. Kids Should Be Allowed to Choose Their Own Bedtime
  99. Texting Should Be Its Own Official Language
  100. Everyone Should Have to Take a Dance Class
  101. Texting Should Be Its Own Official Language

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, funny persuasive speech topics can be a great way to have a little bit of fun while still making a persuasive argument. They can help to engage the audience and make them more interested in the topic at hand. No matter what funny persuasive speech topic you choose to use, remember to be creative and make sure that your argument is compelling and well-supported.