How Long are Business Days? (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Generally, a business day is considered any day that businesses are open for regular operations. This usually excludes weekends and national holidays. In the U.S., business days are typically Monday through Friday, with Saturday and Sunday considered weekends.

The term business day is often used in reference to the amount of time it takes for a task or transaction to be completed. For example, your courier might say that it will take “two business days” to process your request. 

So, how long is a business day? What is considered a business day? How long is one? In this article, we’ll try to answer all your questions about business days.

What is Considered a Business Day?

A business day is a unit of time that is used to measure operational days within a company. Business days vary from country to country but are typically Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm in western countries. 

Saturday, Sunday, and holidays are not typically counted as business days.

Business days can be different in the world based on culture, religion, industry or other factors. For example, Muslim countries typically consider Friday and Saturday as holidays, while Sunday is a regular working day.

Business days and hours can also be different based on industry. For example, the banking and financial industry typically has different hours of operation than most other industries.

How Long is 1 Business Day?

1 Business day can be any day between Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays. So if you were to order something on a Monday, it should arrive on Tuesday. However, if you ordered something on a Friday, it wouldn’t arrive until Monday (the following week).

Keep in mind that this is just an estimate, and not all businesses follow this rule. Some may consider Saturday a business day while others do not. It really just depends on the company you are ordering from.

So, if you ever see something that says it will arrive in one to two business days, just remember that it usually means any day between Monday and Friday that is not today.

How Long is 1 to 2 Business Days?

In general, one to two business days refers to any two days within Monday through Friday that are not today. If today is Monday, then one to two business days would be Tuesday or Wednesday. However, if today is Friday, then one to two business days would be Monday or Tuesday.

As an example, If you order something in Amazon, and if it says it will arrive in one to two business days, that means it will arrive in one or two days from the day you ordered, which is likely not going to be this Saturday or Sunday.

How Long is 3-5 Business Days?

3 to 5 business days means any three to five day period that does not include weekends and holidays. As an example, if you order something on Monday,  it will likely arrive between Thursday and Monday of next week.

If you order something on Friday, it will arrive within Wednesday to Friday of the next week.

Is Friday a Business Day?

Friday is considered a business day, and most businesses are open for regular hours. However, some businesses may have special holiday hours or close early on Fridays. If you’re not sure whether a business is open on Friday, it’s best to call ahead or check their website.

The above statement is valid for the USA and the most Western world. For Middle Eastern countries, Sunday is their business day, while Friday & Saturday are considered weekends.

In India, Monday is their business day, while Sunday is a holiday. So, it really depends on which country you’re in as to what day of the week is considered a business day.

What Days are Considered Business Days?

Monday through Friday are typically considered business days in the USA. The days include Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Most government and non-government offices are closed Saturday and Sunday. 

As we said earlier,  the days can vary depending on a lot of things. So it’s best to check with the specific place you’re doing business to know the official business days.

How Many Business Days in a Month?

There are typically 19 to 25 business days in a month. This may vary depending on the country or region you are in, as some countries have more/less public holidays than others. Generally speaking, most of the world has between 20-25 business days in a month.


There you have it! We’ve answered all your questions about business days and hours. As you can see, the answer to “How long is a business day?” really depends on a lot of factors. But, in general, one business day is any day between Monday and Friday that is not today. And, three to five business days usually means any three to five day period that does not include weekends or holidays.

Hopefully, this article has helped clear up some confusion and give you a better understanding of how business days work. So if you’re ever unsure about something, be sure to contact the company directly. Thanks for reading!