How To Add Grammarly To Outlook

Adding Grammarly to Outlook is a straightforward process that involves installing the Grammarly for Outlook add-in and then enabling it within the Outlook app. Once installed, Grammarly will automatically check your emails for grammar and punctuation errors, making it easier to send professional and error-free messages.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, effective communication plays a pivotal role in professional success. Whether it’s an email to a client, a report for your boss, or a proposal to a potential investor, the way you articulate your thoughts can significantly impact how your message is received.

That’s where tools like Grammarly come to the rescue, empowering individuals to improve their writing and ensure accuracy, clarity, and professionalism. By integrating Grammarly’s comprehensive writing assistance with Outlook, you can take your written communication to new heights, ensuring that every email you send is polished and error-free.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of adding Grammarly to Outlook. Let’s get started!

Installing Grammarly for Outlook

By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll have the Grammarly add-in integrated into your Microsoft Outlook in no time:

1. Open your web browser and open this Link to download Grammarly for MS Office.

2. On the add-in page, click the “Get the add-in” button to start the download.

3. Once downloaded, click on the file. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the add-in. Make sure to check “Grammarly for Outlook” while installing.

4. Once the installation is complete, restart your Outlook application and log in to Grammarly. That’s it; done!

Now that you’ve installed the Grammarly add-in, it will start working automatically within your Microsoft Outlook, helping you write more effective and error-free emails.

Using Grammarly with Outlook

Using Grammarly with Outlook is designed to be an intuitive experience, transforming your email writing process with its integration and helpful features. Here’s how you can make the most out of Grammarly within Outlook, customize its options, and troubleshoot common issues:

1. Compose an email: As you type, Grammarly will automatically check for errors and highlight them in red. Hover over the highlighted text to see the suggested corrections and click on them to apply the changes.

2. Customization: To access and adjust Grammarly settings, locate the Grammarly icon on the Outlook ribbon. Click on it to open the Grammarly sidebar, where you can manage your preferences, such as choosing between American or British English and enabling or disabling specific checks.

3. Troubleshooting: If Grammarly isn’t working as expected, try the following steps:

  • Ensure you’re signed in to your Grammarly account.
  • Make sure the add-in is enabled in Outlook’s “File > Options > Add-Ins” menu.
  • Check for updates to both Outlook and Grammarly.
  • Restart Outlook or reinstall the Grammarly add-in if necessary.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to making the most of Grammarly’s features within Outlook, ultimately producing professional, polished emails that leave a positive impression on your recipients.


Utilizing Grammarly within Microsoft Outlook greatly enhances your email writing experience by offering real-time error detection and correction suggestions. By following the outlined steps for installation and learning how to use and customize Grammarly’s features, you can ensure your emails are well-crafted, devoid of mistakes, and convey a professional tone.

With Grammarly in your toolkit, you’ll feel more confident composing important emails to colleagues, clients, and contacts, knowing your messages are clear, concise, and error-free!