How To Change Background Color On Powerpoint

The default background color in PowerPoint is white. Sometimes you might want to change the background color to something different to add some visual interest to your presentation or make it more thematic. Here’s how to change the background color in PowerPoint.

1. Open your PowerPoint presentation. Go to the “Design” tab on the ribbon.

2. Find the “Format Background” option under the “Customize” section.

3. In the “Format Background” pane, select the “Solid fill” option under “Fill”. Click on the color bucket icon beside the Color option.

4. Pick the color you want from the popup list.

5. After selecting the color, click “OK”. Your new background color will be applied to all slides in the presentation.


As you can see, changing the background color in PowerPoint is quick and easy. Try out different colors to see what looks best. You can always revert back to the default white background if you don’t like the new color.