How to Create A To Do List In Onenote (Quick Guide)

Creating a To-Do list in OneNote can be a quick and efficient way to manage tasks and priorities. Follow this simple guide to set up and enhance your OneNote To-Do list with features and integrations for maximum productivity.

How to Create A To Do List In Onenote

If you’re looking to create a to-do list in OneNote, you can start by typing out your notes on a page. Next, highlight the text that you want to turn into a to-do item, go to the Home tab, and select the To Do Tag option. This will add a checkbox next to each selected item.

To view all of your tags, head back to the Home tab and click on the Find Tags button.

Once you’ve finished a task, simply click the checkbox next to the corresponding tag to mark it as complete.

Enhancing Your OneNote To-Do List with Features and Integrations

Enhancing your OneNote To-Do list is easy with its features and integrations, allowing you to maximize productivity and task management capabilities. Consider incorporating the following features and connections for a well-rounded and efficient To-Do list:

1. Leverage tags: Use tags to categorize tasks based on priority, context, or other criteria. Choose from OneNote’s predefined tags such as “To-Do,” “Important,” and “Question,” or create custom tags to suit your needs.

2. Embed files and links: Streamline your workflow by attaching files, images, or web links directly to your list. Simply use the “Insert” tab, then select “File attachment,” “File printout,” or “Link” as needed.

3. Master keyboard shortcuts: Increase efficiency by learning helpful OneNote keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl+1 to add checkboxes or Ctrl+Shift+< and Ctrl+Shift+> to cycle through tags.

4. Connect to Outlook: Bring your tasks and deadlines together by integrating OneNote with Outlook. In OneNote, select a task, click “Home,” then “Outlook Tasks,” and assign a deadline from the dropdown menu. The task will automatically appear as a calendar event in Outlook.


By following these simple steps, you can easily create a to-do list in OneNote and stay organized and productive. With the ability to add checkboxes and mark tasks as complete, OneNote is a versatile tool that can help you manage your tasks and accomplish your goals.