Where Is Onenote Data Stored? (Quick Guide)

OneNote data is primarily stored on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage solution, and locally on your computer for offline access. Additionally, Windows 10 users can find their OneNote data stored in the default “Documents\OneNote Notebooks” folder.

With its vast array of features and multimedia compatibility, OneNote has become a popular choice among students and professionals alike. As for data storage, OneNote offers both online and offline solutions, providing users flexibility in accessing their files.

Let’s delve into the topic for further details.

Storage Locations of OneNote Data

Microsoft OneNote is a powerful note-taking application designed to help users capture, organize, and share their thoughts and ideas seamlessly. With its wide range of features and multimedia capabilities, OneNote has become a preferred tool for students, professionals, and creators alike. 

When using OneNote on Windows 10, your data is stored by default in two key locations. The main storage location is Microsoft’s OneDrive, a cloud storage solution that enables effortless syncing across multiple devices and guarantees data backup for added security. 

Additionally, OneNote stores a copy of your data locally on your computer in the “Documents\OneNote Notebooks” folder for offline access.

The choice between online and offline storage depends on individual needs and preferences. Online storage on OneDrive offers significant advantages, including data backup, easy access from various devices, and convenient sharing capabilities with other users. 

On the other hand, offline storage allows users to work without an internet connection and retain full control over their data by storing it on their devices. Ultimately, OneNote’s flexibility in providing these storage options ensures a streamlined and tailored note-taking experience for all users.

Backing Up and Syncing OneNote Notebooks

OneNote users benefit from its seamless integration with Microsoft’s cloud storage solution, OneDrive, which allows for effortless backing up and syncing of notebooks. Additionally, users can store their data locally, providing diverse storage solutions to cater to individual preferences.

Here are the key ways to back up and sync OneNote notebooks:

  • OneDrive sync: OneNote stores notebooks on OneDrive, enabling automatic syncing and backup. This ensures your data is secure and easily accessible from multiple devices and platforms, whether online or offline. OneDrive also allows for real-time collaboration with other users.
  • Local backups: Windows 10 users can create manual or automatic backups by adjusting the settings within the application. Local backups are stored in the “C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\version\Backup.” folder, offering offline access and control over one’s data.


We hope this brief overview has shed some light on the various storage locations for OneNote data. By knowing where your notes are stored, you can take steps to protect and manage your information effectively. Thanks for reading.