How To Duplicate A Page In Google Docs

To duplicate a page in Google Docs, use the ‘Make a Copy’ feature under the File menu, or copy-paste the text into a new document. This simple process allows for easy editing and sharing of document content.

If you need to duplicate a single page within a document, simply insert a page break and copy the content you need. This approach is perfect for crafting templates or when you need to work with particular sections of your document without creating an entire new copy.

Step 1

Open the Google Docs document that contains the page you want to duplicate.

Step 2

Go to ‘File’ > ‘Make a Copy’ to initiate the duplication process.

Step 3

Now you will see a popup. Under the Name tab, enter a title for the duplicate page. You can also select the folder location where you want to save the page.

Step 4

When you’re done, click “Make a Copy.” You’ve successfully duplicated a page in Google Docs!

Another way to copy the contents of a page is to select all the text (Ctrl+A) and use the shortcut Ctrl+C to copy it. Then, create a new Google Doc from File > New Document. Then paste the text into the new document (Ctrl+V).

Duplicating a page in Google Docs is quick and easy. Just follow the steps above. In a few clicks, you’ll have a copy of the original page that you can also edit and share.