How To Edit Master Slide In Powerpoint

Master Slides are an interesting and useful feature in PowerPoint that allows users to make changes to the overall presentation layout and design. If you want to know how to edit the master slide in PowerPoint, follow the steps below.

1. Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to edit and go to the “View” tab from the top ribbon.

2. Click on “Slide Master” under “Master Views.”

3. You will see the different elements of the slide master, such as the title, footer, and content areas.

4. To edit the title, click on the Title placeholder and type in your new title. Click on the Footer placeholder to edit the Footer. You can also edit the other layouts, like subtitles, and date, by clicking on the appropriate placeholder.

5. You can also change the theme, background color, fonts, etc., by selecting the appropriate option on the top task bar of the slide.

6. Click “Close Master View” when you are done editing. Your changes will be reflected in all the slides of your presentation.


Editing the master slide is a great way to personalize your PowerPoint presentation and give it a consistent look and feel. By following the steps above, you can easily edit the master slide and make changes to the title, footer, background, and other elements.