How To Highlight Text In Powerpoint

Highlighting text is a great way to make important information stand out in your presentation. PowerPoint makes it easy to highlight text with a few simple clicks. Here are the exact steps you need to follow to highlight text in PowerPoint.

1. First, open your PowerPoint presentation and select the text you want to highlight.

2. In the “Font” section of the “Home” tab, you’ll see an icon consisting of a pen and an underscore that says “Text Highlight Color.” Select the little arrow next to this icon.

3. Now choose the highlight color you want to use from the popup color list.

That’s it! Your selected text will now be highlighted in the color you chose. You can easily change the highlight color by repeating steps 1-3. If you want to remove the highlight from your text, simply select the text again and choose “No Color” from the “Text Highlight Color” menu.


As you see, it’s pretty easy to highlight text in PowerPoint. Highlighting is a great way to make important information stand out, and it can really help your audience follow along with your presentation. So next time you’re giving a presentation, try highlighting some of your key points!