Powerpoint Snap To Grid (How To)

In PowerPoint, the Snap To Grid feature aids in positioning objects on a slide neatly. By right-clicking the slide and choosing “Grid and Guides”, then “Gridlines”, you can set this up. For the snap effect, right-click again, select “Snap To Grid”, and ensure “Snap objects to grid” is checked.

Snap To Grid is a function that allows you to line up objects on a slide with each other. This can be helpful when you want to create a professional-looking presentation or ensure that your objects are evenly spaced out.

PowerPoint enables you to incorporate a snap-to-grip onto your slide easily. Let’s take a look at how to do it:

Step 1: Right Click Anywhere on the Slide

First, open up your PowerPoint presentation. Place the mouse anywhere over the slide.

Step 2: Click the Arrow Beside “Grid and Guides” Then Choose “Gridlines”

Right-click and select the arrow beside “Grid and Guides” from the pop-up and click “Gridlines”. This will automatically add gridlines to your slide, which will help you line up your objects.

Step 3: Right Click Anywhere Then Click “Snap to Grid” and Tick “Snap Objects to Grid”

Now right-click again on the slide and, this time, click on “Snap To Grid” (not on the arrow). A new window will open up. In the “Snap to” section, tick-mark “Snap objects to grid” and press “Ok”.

That’s it! Now, when you try to move an object around the slide, you’ll notice that it will “snap” into place along the gridlines. This can make it much easier to create a polished presentation. If you want to disable the snap-to-grid feature, simply follow the same steps and uncheck the “Snap objects to grid” option.