How To Make A Venn Diagram On Powerpoint

The Venn Diagram is a widely used diagram often used to show differences, similarities, and relationships between two or more sets. Apart from mathematics, it is widely used in business, statistics, computer science, and many other real-life scenarios.

You will be glad to know that you can easily create a Venn diagram with pre-made templates in Microsoft PowerPoint. Keep reading this article to find out the exact steps you need to follow to make a Venn Diagram on PowerPoint.

Step 1: Choose The Slide and Press “Insert”

Launch PowerPoint and open the slide where you want to add the Venn Diagram. Press “Insert” from the top ribbon.

Step 2: Click “SmartArt” > “Illustrations”

In the “insert” window, press “SmartArt” under the “Illustrations” section. A popup will occur. Select “Relationship” from the options in the popup.

Step 3: Choose Your Preferred Venn Diagram Template

In the Relationship tab, scroll down to find and open “Basic Venn” and press “OK” to insert the diagram template into the slide.

After adding the diagram, you can add the value or text by clicking on each circle under the diagram.

There are also other styles of Venn diagram under the “Relationship” tab. You can pick any of these based on your requirement.


As you see, making a Venn diagram in PowerPoint is extremely easy. Simply follow the above steps, and your Venn diagram should be ready within a few minutes. Best of luck!