How To Track Changes In Powerpoint

PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software out there, and for a good reason. It’s easy to use and can create stunning slideshows. However, one downside of PowerPoint is that it can be difficult to keep track of changes. There is no built-in functionality in PowerPoint that allows you to track changes.

However, PowerPoint does have the Review feature that lets you do something similar. With the help of the Review feature, you can send a copy of your PowerPoint presentation to someone else and track the changes that they make by comparing two presentations.

Here’s how you can use the Review feature:

1. Send a copy of the Presentation file from your File Explorer to the Reviewer by a convenient method like Email, OneDrive, or USB. The Reviewer will add their changes to the presentation and save their version.

2. Receive the changed presentation from the Reviewer when it is ready, and open it.

3. Go to the “Review Tab” from the PowerPoint ribbon. Click on the “Compare” button in the “Compare” group.

4. A new window will open. Select the original presentation file that you sent to the Reviewer, and click on the “Merge” button.

5. Now, you will see the Review pane on the right side of the PowerPoint that shows the changes made by the Reviewer. You can click on the changes from the pane to accept or reject them.

6. You can also review the comments made by the reviewer by selecting “Comments Pane” under “Show Comments” in the top taskbar.

7. When you’re done reviewing the changes, close the “End Review” in the top taskbar.


This is how you can use the Review feature to track changes in PowerPoint. Keep in mind that this method is not foolproof and might not work perfectly in all cases. If you need to track changes with precision, then you might have to consider an alternative to PowerPoint, like Google Slides.