4 Ways To Type Euro Symbol In Word

The Euro symbol is unavailable by default on most keyboards. This can make it difficult to type, especially in documents and forms where you need to enter information using many different currencies. But there are several ways to type the Euro symbol in Word, depending on your operating system and version of Word.

In this article, we will discuss several ways to enter the euro symbol in Microsoft Word.

1. Symbols in MS Word

To insert the Euro symbol, go to “View” in the menu bar. At the far right of the ribbon, click on the “symbol” button to find the Euro symbol.

2. Built-in Word Shortcut for the Euro

Word has a built-in shortcut for the symbol. To use the symbol just type: Ctrl + Alt + e

3. ALT Codes (Windows) / Option Code (Mac)

ALT codes are shortcuts to get symbols on your keyboard. These are the codes for Windows and Mac

For Windows: Alt + 0128

For Mac: Option + Shift + 2

4. Character Map

The character map on Windows can be found by opening the Windows Accessories folder in the search bar or simply searching for it.

The character map has several symbols, so if you’re looking for the euro symbol specifically, use the search function in “advanced view.” After that, you can either double-click the euro symbol or use the select button to input the symbol in the “characters to copy” field and then click copy.


There are several ways to type the euro symbol in Microsoft Word, depending on your operating system and version of Word. Whether you prefer shortcuts, Alt codes, or character maps, there is a method that will work for you. And with this knowledge, you’ll be typing this important currency symbol quickly and easily.