How To Use Sections In Powerpoint To Group Slides

Adding sections to your presentation can make it easier to organize the content and keep track of where you are in your presentation. Sections can also help you group slides together based on a single theme or topic.

In this article, we will discuss how to use sections in PowerPoint to organize your content and group related slides together.

Adding Sections

1. Place your cursor above the slides you want to separate into a section.

2. Right-click and then click “Add Section.”

3. Rename the section.

4. Done!

You have successfully added a section to your presentation. Adding multiple sections gives you more freedom to organize your content.

Organizing slides and sections

Rearranging slides and sections is easy. Simply drag and drop the slides and sections to rearrange them in your presentation. Alternatively, you can also rearrange slides and sections by using the “Slide Sorter” in the “View” menu.


Organizing your slides and sections is an important step in creating a professional presentation. With sections, you can group related slides together and make it easier to navigate through your content. Whether you are creating a PowerPoint for work or school, using sections is a useful tool that can help improve the clarity and organization of your presentation.