Make A Presentation Or Do A Presentation – Which Is Correct?

When it comes to giving presentations, there is a lot of confusion about whether you should “make” a presentation or “do” a presentation. Both are correct, but they have different meanings.

The terms “make” and “do have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used. In general, “make” is used when creating something new, while “do” is used when performing an action

Definition Of Terms

In the context of presentations, “make” means to create a presentation from scratch, while “do” means to deliver a presentation that someone else has created.

Here is an example:

You will need to make a presentation for your sales team tomorrow. This means that you will have to create the presentation from scratch.

On the other hand, if your boss asks you to do a presentation, this means that he or she has already created the presentation and wants you to deliver it.

Both “make” and “do” can be used when referring to the act of giving a presentation, but they have different implications.

Which Is Correct?

Both of these terms are correct if you use them in the proper context. Interchanging them might lead to misinformation or confusion. Make sure you understand the meaning of each term before using it.

If you want to avoid any confusion, it is best to stick to using “deliver” when referring to giving a presentation. This term can be used regardless of whether you created the presentation or not.

Final Thoughts

Giving presentations can be nerve-wracking, but it is important to choose the right term when referring to the task at hand. “Make” and “do” both have their place, but using the wrong one can lead to confusion. We hope this article has cleared things up for you. Thanks for reading!