Where To Get More Google Slides Themes

Google Slides may not always have that perfect theme to make your presentation pop, but don’t worry. There are cool websites like SlidesMania, PresentationGO, SlidesGo, and SlidesCarnival that offer a wide array of themes that can turn your content from ordinary to outstanding!

If you’re looking for more Google Slides themes, here are 10 great places to find them:

1. SlidesMania

Screenshot of slidesmania.com

SlidesMania offers a big selection of Google Slides themes, many of which are free to download. Whether you’re looking for a professional theme for your business presentation or a fun and festive theme for your child’s school project, you’re sure to find it on SlidesMania.

Apart from the usual presentation template slides, you will also find a variety of templates for certificates, timelines, maps, infographics, etc.

2. SlidesGo

Screenshot of slidesgo.com

With a growing selection of more than thousands of Google Slides themes, SlidesGo is one of the largest repositories for presentation templates. Themes are grouped into categories such as business, education, travel, and more, making it easy to find a suitable template for your needs.

The best thing about SlidesGo is they regularly release new and original themes, so you can always find fresh and up-to-date designs.  Plus, most of their themes are free to download and use.

3. PresentationGO

Screenshot of www.presentationgo.com

PresentationGO offers an extensive library of professional Google Slides themes and templates. The designs are modern and minimalistic, perfect for corporate presentations. They also provide a selection of free templates which are great for students or personal use.

At PresentationGO, you will also find a variety of templates for specific purposes, such as infographics, SWOT analysis, marketing plans, diagrams, annual reports, and much more.

4. SlidesChef 

Screenshot of slidechef.net

SlidesChef is a popular site for both Google Slides and PowerPoint templates. The designs are creative and fun, making them ideal for presentations that need to stand out. Themes are organized by categories such as educational, business, medical, etc.

You can easily explore their wide selection of free and premium themes by making use of the search option. You can also browse through category-specific lists to find the best theme that matches your requirements.

5. GoogleSlidesThemes

Screenshot of googleslidesthemes.com

GoogleSlidesThemes is a great resource for finding high-quality Google Slides themes. The site covers the most number of categories and topics, so you’re sure to find a perfect piece for your presentation. You can also easily export the theme with just one click.

Some of the categories that you’ll find on GoogleSlidesThemes include abstract, business, education, environmental, medical, computer, corporate, finance, pitch deck, and the list goes on. You can also find highly niche-specific templates such as cryptocurrency, home office, cardiology, military, etc.

6. SlidesCarnival

Screenshot of www.slidescarnival.com

SlidesCarnival has one of the best collections of free Google Slides themes and templates. The designs are beautiful and cover a wide range of topics and categories. Some of the most popular categories on SlidesCarnival include formal, inspirational, elegant, simple, startup, etc.

The site also offers a convenient search feature that lets you quickly find the correct template for your project. You can easily find both modern and traditional styles to suit your presentation needs. The themes they offer are free for use with proper credits.

7. SlidesGala

Screenshot of slidesgala.com

SlidesGala is another excellent resource for finding free Google Slides themes and templates. Themes are available for a wide range of categories like business, teaching, marketing, and more.

SlidesGala aims to provide the best quality themes so you can create stunning presentations with ease. All their themes are free to download and use. You can also find matching PowerPoint templates on their site.

8. SlideModel

Screenshot of slidemodel.com

SlideModel is a great place to find professional presentation templates for your next presentation. The designs are modern and sleek, perfect for both corporate and academic presentations. You can find a wide range of templates for different purposes such as business, marketing, SWOT analysis, product launch, etc.

SlideModel presentations are mainly available and designed for PowerPoint, but you can also use them on Google Slides. The site offers both free and premium templates. However, their free selection is still quite impressive and should be enough for most users.

9. GraphicMama

Screenshot of graphicmama.com

GraphicMama is a popular website that offers various graphic resources as well as a wide range of presentation templates. The templates are a seamless blend of creativity and fun, perfect for business, students, or personal use.

GraphicMama also offers other graphic resources like illustrations, icons, and infographics. You can use these in your presentation to add more visuals and make your slides more engaging. Although most of the website’s resources are paid, they do offer a few great presentation templates for free.

10. Slidesmash

Screenshot of www.slidesmash.com

Slidesmash houses more than 7,500 expertly designed presentation templates for all various purposes. You can easily find the perfect theme for your Google Slides project from the massive selection of templates. If you need high-quality and professionally designed Google Slides themes, then you should definitely consider this site.

Although there are all types of Slides on Slidesmash, they excel in infographics, diagrams,  and chart templates. These can be very helpful in visualizing data and making your presentation more engaging. Unfortunately, you can only access their template library with a paid subscription.


Finding the right Google Slides theme can be challenging, but with the right resources, it’s definitely doable. In this roundup, we’ve provided 10 excellent websites that offer free Google Slides themes and templates. So what are you waiting for? Find the right theme and get started on your next presentation today!