Which Resource Management Task Deploys Or Activates Personnel And Resources?

Mobilization in resource management involves deploying or activating personnel and resources for a specific task or mission. In the context of resource management, mobilization involves assembling the necessary personnel, equipment, and materials to effectively carry out a project or operation. 

What is resource mobilization?

Resource mobilization refers to all the efforts made to acquire and utilize resources for an organization. This includes identifying new resources as well as making optimal use of existing ones. 

The resource mobilization process may include recruiting and training personnel, acquiring equipment and supplies, and coordinating logistics to ensure that everything is in place and ready to go when needed. 

Why is resource mobilization important?

Mobilizing resources is an important aspect of managing and executing any project or operation, as it ensures that the necessary resources are in place to support the success of the project or operation. 

An example of resource mobilization is a construction company obtaining the equipment and materials required to construct a new housing development. The acquisition of resources such as supplies and personnel for the housing development is an aspect of resource mobilization. Without this process, an organization may lack the necessary resources to complete a project or operation, resulting in delays or project failure.


Resource mobilization can occur in many different industries and contexts, and can involve a wide variety of resources. Resource mobilization is the process of getting the resources needed for a project or operation, while resource management is making sure those resources are used well. Both are linked to each other and equally important for a company to be successful.