Why Is Onenote Not Syncing? (4 Fixes)

OneNote not syncing can result from various problems like outdated software, insufficient storage, or conflicting content. To resolve these issues, try updating the app, checking storage space, manually syncing, and resolving content conflicts.

OneNote syncing issues can be frustrating, particularly when you rely on it to keep your notes up-to-date across devices. To tackle problems with syncing, start by familiarizing yourself with the main reasons and their solutions. 

One of the most common solutions is to update your OneNote app to the latest version, as outdated software may cause synchronization issues. Also, ensure you have enough storage space on your device, as a lack of storage can hinder the sync process. 

Next, attempt to manually sync your notebooks by clicking the Sync Now button. Lastly, content conflicts may occur when two or more users edit the same section simultaneously. Review the conflicting changes and resolve them to restore seamless syncing.

Read on to learn more about why OneNote is not Syncing and what you can do to fix the issue. 

Reasons Why OneNote Won’t Sync

Common causes for these disruptions include outdated software, insufficient storage space, manual syncing, or content conflicts. The top fixes for OneNote syncing issues are:

  • Update the OneNote app: Outdated software often contributes to syncing problems. Ensure you update your app in the app store or through your device’s software preferences section.
  • Check storage space: Insufficient storage on your device can prevent syncing. Review available storage and free up space if required by deleting unnecessary files or apps.
  • Manually sync: Sometimes, a manual sync can resolve issues. In the OneNote settings, locate and click the Sync Now button to manually synchronize your notebooks.
  • Resolve content conflicts: Content conflicts may arise if multiple users are editing the same section simultaneously. Review the changes made, and merge or discard them as necessary to restore syncing.

By following these steps to fix common OneNote syncing issues, you can improve the overall functionality and reliability of the app. Additionally, use available support resources and forums to access further assistance if needed.

Best Practices for Seamless OneNote Syncing

To ensure seamless OneNote syncing and minimize the occurrence of sync issues, it’s essential to adopt some best practices. Here are some tips to help you optimize your OneNote experience:

  • Keep your OneNote app updated: Regularly updating your OneNote app ensures that you have access to the latest features and bug fixes. This practice also helps to prevent compatibility issues and syncing problems resulting from outdated software.
  • Use a stable and reliable internet connection: OneNote relies on an internet connection to sync across devices. Using a stable and reliable internet connection reduces the likelihood of sync failures or delays.
  • Use a single Microsoft account: If you use multiple Microsoft accounts, it’s best to use a single one for OneNote to avoid syncing issues. Using multiple accounts may result in conflicting versions of your notes, making it difficult to track changes.
  • Avoid editing the same section simultaneously: When multiple users edit the same section simultaneously, content conflicts may arise. To minimize this risk, communicate with your collaborators and avoid editing the same section at the same time.
  • Close notebooks when not in use: Leaving notebooks open when you’re not actively using them can hinder syncing performance. Close notebooks that you’re not using to free up system resources and enhance syncing performance.

Incorporating these best practices into your OneNote usage can lead to a more seamless syncing experience.


Seamless synchronization is vital for an efficient OneNote experience. To address common syncing issues, implement the top fixes discussed above. Following these best practices and utilizing available support resources, such as official support channels, community forums, and help videos, can significantly enhance your workflow with OneNote.