Can The Zoom Host See My Screen When I’m On A Call?

Zoom hosts cannot see your screen or what you are doing on the screen by default. However, if you share your screen with the meeting, they will be able to see everything that’s happening on your screen.

Zoom makes it easier than ever to have face-to-face meetings online. It’s quick, simple, and allows for a greater range of interactions than just using audio or video alone.

Whether you’re discussing a project with your colleagues or taking an introductory lesson from one of our instructors, having the ability to see and talk to each other is essential in making sure that everyone is on the same page.

Screen Sharing on Zoom

Sharing your screen is a great way to show presentations, collaborate on projects, or just show someone what you’re working on. It’s also a handy tool for troubleshooting technical issues with someone.

While Zoom does provide the option to share your screen during a meeting, there may be scenarios when you don’t want others to see what’s happening on it. Fortunately, Zoom got you covered. By default, hosts cannot see your screen unless you share it with the meeting.

This means that if you’re just having a conversation or working on something privately, the host won’t be able to see your screen unless you share the screen. Zoom does a great job of keeping your screen private until you choose to share it.


So, if you are worried about others being able to see your screen while on a call with Zoom, rest assured that you’re in good hands. If you do decide to share your screen, just make sure that you have the right privacy settings set up beforehand.