Google Slides vs Canva – Which is Better?

Google Slides and Canva are both great tools for presentations. Although Google Slides is specifically designed for creating presentations, Canva can be used for various design tasks, including making presentations, posters, banners, etc.

  • Both Google Slides and Canva are easy to use.
  • Google Slides offers templates; Canva boasts a vast selection.
  • Google Slides excels in presentations, while Canva shines in design.
  • Both support collaboration.
  • Google Slides is free to use, while Canva offers premium services through a subscription.

Depending on your presentation needs, you can use both apps at the same time, as they have similar functions. But knowing their specific features can help you decide what’s best for you. Let’s take a closer look at how they compare:

Google Slides Vs Canva on User-Friendly Experience

Google Slides is very easy to use, especially for presentations. Although it will take a while to master all the features and tools, you’ll be able to create beautiful presentations quickly once you get the hang of it.

Canva is also easy to use. The platform is designed for people with little to no design experience. With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-follow tutorials, anyone can create stunning designs with Canva.

Google Slides Vs Canva: Template Selection

Google Slides offers a decent template selection, though not as extensive as Canva’s. You can still find suitable templates or use their default themes to create presentations from scratch.

Canva, on the other hand, has a massive library of templates for catering to various needs and styles. Whether you’re looking for a simple, elegant template or an eye-catching one, you’ll be able to find it on Canva.

Google Slides Vs Canva: Collaborations

Both Canva and Google Slides allow multiple users to work on a design simultaneously. Simply invite others to join in, and together, you can edit and comment on your project in real-time. This real-time collaboration feature simplifies teamwork and enhances productivity on both platforms.

Google Slides Vs Canva: Design Features

Google Slides provides basic design tools such as adding images, videos, shapes, and text, with options to customize text font, color, and size.

In contrast, Canva provides the same design essentials as Google Slides and expands your creative possibilities with an extensive library of photos, illustrations, and elements, enabling you to craft presentations with unique and creative touches.

Google Slides Vs Canva: File Formats

Both Google Slides and Canva support the most common file formats, such as JPG, PNG, and PDF.

Google Slides goes a step further by also accommodating Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) files, while Canva supports SVG, MP4, and GIF alongside the usual formats. Canva also allows direct export to .pptx and integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.


Google Slides is a free service. That means you can use all the features and tools without paying a dime.

Canva has both free and paid subscriptions. The free subscription gives you access to most of the features and tools. However, you’ll be limited to using only their free templates and resources. If you want to use their premium templates and resources, you’ll need to sign up for their paid subscription.

Why choose Google Slides?

Google Slides is a powerful presentation tool that is best used for its functionality. From creating simple slideshows to complex multimedia presentations, Google Slides has everything you need to capture your audience’s attention. Best of all, it’s free to use!

Google Slides is very flexible and versatile. You can add multimedia elements like videos, images, and charts, making use of speaker notes and slide transitions, to enhance your presentation’s flow and impact.

For sharing and collaboration, Google Slides allows you to easily share your presentation with others and collaborate in real-time. Also, engaging with your audience is possible with interactive elements such as polls and surveys.

Lastly, backing up your presentation in case of technical issues is possible in Google Slides; just simply download it as a PDF or enable offline access.

Whether you’re working on a presentation for work or school, Google Slides is the perfect and reliable presentation tool.

Why choose Canva?

Canva is a popular online design tool that is best used for creating personalized presentations. With Canva, you can easily create beautiful and professional-looking designs, even if you don’t have any design experience.

The platform provides templates that match your content. You can easily customize the style using stock photos, elements, and resources from its library to elevate the visual coherence and appeal of your presentation.

Although Canva has a free version, investing in a paid subscription is a wise choice if you want premium access to designs, elements, and resources.

Plus, if you need help, there’s a built-in library of tutorials to guide you through the design process. You can also collaborate with others in real-time on your presentation and easily export it as a PDF or image file.


Google Slides and Canva are both great tools for creating presentations. However, they each have their own set of features and benefits. If you’re looking for a free tool with basic features, Google Slides is a great option. It’s perfect for business and school presentations.

If you want to be a bit more creative with your presentations and have access to more design features and resources, then Canva is the better option. It’s great for creating stunning presentations.

Now you know the difference between Google Slides and Canva. So, which one suits your needs best? Let us know in the comments!