How Do I Outline An Image In Canva

You can create an outline with Canva in a few simple steps. Use our guide to create a professional-looking image with an outlined border.

Here’s how to create an outlined image in Canva:

1. Remove the Background From Your Image if Necessary

Canva makes it easy to remove the background from an image with its built-in Background Remover tool. Select the image you want to edit and click “Edit Image”. Choose the “Background Remover” tool from the menu on the left. Canva will automatically remove the background. Click “Apply” once finished.

2. Double-Click on “Glow”

Still from the “Edit Image” options, scroll down to find the “Shadows” tool. Click “Glow” twice to add a drop shadow and be able to edit it according to your preference.

3. Choose the Outline Color Then Edit Transparency and Size

Click on the color square next to “Outline” to choose the color you want for your border. Make sure you choose the right color that compliments the background. You can also adjust the transparency and size of your border by dragging the respective sliders. Don’t forget to click “Apply” when finished.

Final Thoughts

Creating an outlined image in Canva is a simple process that anyone can do. With just a few clicks, you can create a professional-looking image with an attractive border. Try it out yourself and see how easy it is!