How To Merge Table Cells In Onenote (Quick Guide)

To merge table cells in OneNote, utilize an alternative workaround by copying the table to Word or Excel, merging the cells there, and then copying the modified table back to OneNote. This quick guide will help you maneuver through the process effortlessly.

Merging table cells in OneNote may not be as straightforward as other Microsoft applications, but an alternative workaround will get the job done. To achieve this, simply copy the table from OneNote and paste it into Word or Excel, where you can then merge the cells using their in-built tools.

Once the changes are made, copy the modified table and paste it back into OneNote. This technique allows you to customize your tables in OneNote, even though the feature isn’t directly available.

Let’s explore the procedure in further detail:

Steps to Merge Table Cells in OneNote

While OneNote is an excellent note-taking application, it lacks some features, such as the direct option to merge table cells. However, with a straightforward workaround, you can still merge cells in OneNote using Word or Excel. The process involves a simple procedure of copying and pasting the table between the applications.

  1. First, you need to copy the table you’d like to modify from OneNote. To do so, select the entire table or the portion you want to edit, right-click, and choose “Copy”.
  2. Next, open a Word document and paste the copied table. In Word, find and click the “Layout” tab, then select “Merge Cells”.
  3. After merging the desired cells, copy the modified table and paste it back into your OneNote document.

The table now displays the merged cells just as you intended. This workaround helps you accomplish your table formatting goals in OneNote without feeling limited by the application’s features.

FAQs on Merged Cells in OneNote

Can I merge cells directly in OneNote?

Unfortunately, OneNote does not have a built-in tool to merge cells. However, you can use the workaround of copying the table to Word or Excel, merging the cells there, and pasting the modified table back into OneNote.

How do I merge cells in Word or Excel?

In Word, select the cells you want to merge, click the “Layout” tab, and click “Merge Cells”. In Excel, select the desired cells, navigate to the “Home” tab, and click “Merge & Center”.

Will my table formatting be affected when I copy from OneNote to Word or Excel?

Slight formatting adjustments may require, but the overall structure of your table should be preserved. You can always fine-tune the formatting in Word or Excel before copying the modified table back to OneNote.


By following these steps, you can successfully merge cells and maintain well-organized tables in OneNote without compromising the application’s functionality or the visual appeal of your notes.

This workaround proves that, with a bit of ingenuity, you can overcome feature constraints and continue to harness the convenience and versatility offered by OneNote.