How To Apologize For Calling Someone The Wrong Name

When apologizing for calling someone the wrong name, you should offer a sincere apology with empathy and ensure that you address the person by their correct name during your apology. Choose the appropriate timing so that your apology feels genuine and considerate and make an effort to correct your mistake, as it will also help to rebuild trust and maintain the relationship.

The style and tone of your apology will of course depend on your relationship with the person. You can be very casual with a friend, whereas you may need to be fare more careful and professional in a work setting.

To deliver a heartfelt apology, consider the following steps:

  • Own your mistake: Start by admitting that you called them the wrong name and convey sincere regret for your error.
  • Display empathy: Understand and validate the feelings that your mistake may have caused, recognizing any discomfort or embarrassment experienced by the person.
  • Use their correct name: During your apology, refer to the person by their proper name to show that you are actively working to amend your mistake and honor their identity.
  • Pick the right moment: Choose an appropriate time to apologize, being mindful not to interrupt ongoing conversations or activities. This consideration helps in presenting a genuine and respectful apology.
  • Strengthen trust: Going forward, make a dedicated effort to learn, remember, and consistently use the person’s correct name in future interactions, rebuilding trust and nurturing a positive relationship.


Offering a sincere apology with empathy for calling someone by the wrong name is an essential skill that demonstrates respect and consideration towards the person. So, don’t hesitate to apologize when you mess up, because a candid and empathetic apology can go a long way in rectifying unintentional errors and fostering positive connections.