How To Attach An Email In Outlook (Easy Guide)

If you find yourself needing to attach an email in Outlook but are unsure of how to do so, this guide is here to help. In the following sections, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of attaching an email to another email in Outlook

By following these instructions, you will be able to effortlessly include a complete email conversation as an attachment, enhancing your communication efficiency.

Attaching an Email in Outlook Desktop

Attaching an email in Outlook Desktop is a seamless process that allows you to share important information with others.

1. To begin, open the email you want to attach and create a new email in two windows and make sure both windows are displayed on your screen as we have done in the screenshot.

2. Utilize the drag-and-drop method to attach the desired email quickly: click and hold the email you wish to share, then drag it over and drop it into the body of the new message. The original email is now attached as a separate file.

An alternative method to share an email in Outlook Desktop is forwarding it as an attachment. To do this, open the email you want to forward, click on “Other reply actions” represented by three horizontal dots at the top, and select “Forward as attachment.”

This action will automatically create a new email with the original message attached, allowing you to add recipients, a subject line, and any additional information before sending it off. Both methods cater to efficient and organized communication, making Outlook Desktop a convenient choice for email sharing.


Attaching an email in Microsoft Outlook is a valuable feature that can greatly enhance your email communication and streamline the sharing of information. By following these simple steps and using the appropriate method for each platform, you can enhance your communication and ensure that your recipients receive the necessary information effectively and efficiently.