How To Split Table In Microsoft Word (Keyboard Shortcut)

Splitting tables in Word can be a complicated task with methods that have multiple steps. With the keyboard shortcut, though, you can do it in a matter of seconds.

To split the table horizontally in Microsoft Word, highlight the data from the table, then simply hold down the alt and shift keys and press the down arrow (Alt+Shift+↓). This will automatically divide your table into two separate tables while also preserving all of the formatting and data from the original table.

Doing the opposite (Alt+Shift+↑) will also bring the separated table back to the original one.

Note: If you highlight data in between the table, using this method will bring the data down the lines. When at the bottom-most part of the table, it will separate itself.


Whether you need to split a table in Microsoft Word for a school project, a business report, or other documents, this simple keyboard shortcut can save you time and hassle. So next time you need to divide your table into multiple parts, be sure to remember this handy method.