How To Tab On the Google Docs Mobile App

You can not tab on the Google Docs mobile app. While it doesn’t have a direct “tab” function, you can still achieve this with simple alternatives like manual spaces or using apps like Texpand. Google Doc’s built-in ‘indent’ feature has a shortcoming that it shifts the entire paragraph.

Google Docs’ mobile app is a convenient tool for creating and editing documents wherever you are. While the app boasts most of the features from its desktop counterpart, certain functionalities have been adapted or omitted due to mobile constraints.

Shortcoming of Using the Built-In ‘Indent’ Feature

While the “Indent” feature can be useful for shifting entire paragraphs, it doesn’t allow for specific section tabbing. If you’re aiming to create tab spaces within a paragraph or between words, this might not be your best bet. Here’s how to find and use the “Indent” button:

  • Highlight Your Paragraph: Tap and drag to select the specific paragraph you want to indent.
  • Access the Formatting Tools: Depending on your device, look for a toolbar at the top or bottom. This contains various formatting options.
  • Locate the “Indent” Button: Find the button that resembles a right-facing arrow or triangle. Tapping this will indent your selected paragraph.

Remember, using the “Indent” feature will adjust the entire paragraph, not individual sections. If you require more precise tabbing, consider the alternative methods mentioned below.

Mimicking Tabs Manually

While it may sound simplistic, manually entering spaces can often achieve the desired tab-like effect.

Simply place your cursor where you’d traditionally insert a tab. On your mobile keyboard, tap the spacebar approximately five times. Considering that a standard tab is about four to five spaces in width, this method provides an effective replica.

Using External Apps: Texpand

To streamline the tabbing process, consider using apps like Texpand. This app lets you:

  • Set up shortcuts for repetitive tasks.
  • Create a shortcut specifically for the “tab” space, so you don’t have to press the spacebar multiple times.

Once set up, whenever you type your designated shortcut in Google Docs, Texpand will automatically replace it with the desired number of spaces.


While the lack of tabbing might be seen as a hindrance, it is generally not a dealbreaker for the Google Docs mobile app. The app is still useful for creating and editing documents on the go. We hope this article has helped you understand how to tab on the Google Docs mobile app.