Easy Ways To Insert A PDF Into Google Slides

Google Slides is one of the best tools for creating presentations. It’s impressively easy to use and equips various customization options. However, it lacks some features compared to popular counterparts such as Microsoft PowerPoint. One such feature is the ability to insert PDF files into your slides.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to get around this limitation and include PDFs in your presentation. Here are a few workarounds for inserting a PDF into Google Slides:

Insert PDF Into Google Slides as a Link

One way to add PDFs to a Google Slides presentation is to insert the PDF as a link. In this case, the PDF won’t appear as a part of the presentation itself, but visitors to your presentation can click the link and be taken directly to the PDF. You can utilize this method to utilize the PDF as a reference or additional reading material.

To add a PDF as a link to your Google Slides presentation, follow these steps:

1. Open Google Drive and upload the PDF you wish to include in your presentation. Click New > File Upload and then select the file from your PC.

2. Once uploaded, right-click the file from your Drive and select ‘Get link’ from the context menu.

3. Press “Copy Link” in the popup to copy the URL of the file. Make sure that the sharing setting of the PDF is set to ‘anyone with the link can view’ for this method to work.

4. Open your Google Slides presentation, and click Insert > Link.

5. Paste the copied URL into the dialogue box that appears. Then, add the name of the PDF and click Apply.

That’s it! Your PDF will now be linked to your presentation. Visitors to the presentation can click on the link, and they’ll be taken directly to the PDF file hosted on Google Drive.

Insert PDF Into Google Slides as a PPTX File

Another way to insert PDFs into Google Slides is by converting the PDF file into an editable PPTX format, which can then be included in your presentation. This method is useful when you want to add one or multiple pages of the PDF file to your presentation to showcase certain information or elements.

To convert and insert a PDF as an editable PPTX, follow these steps:

1. First, we need to convert the PDF into a PPTX file. You can do so using a file conversion service like Smallpdf PDF to PPT converter. Simply browse the web page and upload the PDF file. On the next page, you will find the converted file. Press “Download” to save it on your PC.

2. Open your Google Slides presentation, and click File > Open > Upload. upload the converted PPTX file.

3. Once uploaded, press File > Import Slides and select the converted PPTX file.

4. In the new window, select the pages you want to add to your original Presentation. If you want to import the entire pages, select “Select all Slides”. Press “Import Slides” to proceed.

That’s it! Your PDF has now been successfully added to your Google Slides presentation.

Insert PDF Into Google Slides as an Image

You can also insert the PDF as an image. This method is useful when you want to showcase some aspects of the PDF file but not the entire document. Here is how to do so.

1. First, convert the PDF to an image. You can do this using the same file conversion service mentioned above – Smallpdf PDF to Image converter. You can also make use of a PDF reader application available on your PC.

2. Once the file is converted, save it to your computer. If the file is saved as ZIP, extract the image first.

3. After that, open the Google Slides presentation and click Insert > Image > Upload from Computer.

4. Choose the preferred image and click Open.

5. Once uploaded, the image will be added to your slides. You can then resize or reposition it as needed to match the slide’s style.

That’s it! Your PDF has now been successfully added to your Google Slides presentation as an image. Follow the same steps if you want to add multiple images from your PDF to the slide.


As you can see, adding a PDF to Google Slides is pretty straightforward. You can either add the PDF as a link or embed it into your presentation as an image or PPTX file. All of these methods are simple and effective, so choose the one that works best for you!