How To Remove Paragraph Symbols In Outlook (Quick Guide)

To remove paragraph symbols in Outlook, click “Format textfrom the top taskbar and press the paragraph symbol in the paragraph section. After that, all the paragraph marks will occur in your email, and you can just the button again to get rid of them.

When composing or receiving emails in Microsoft Outlook, you may occasionally come across an annoying issue where paragraph symbols (¶) appear within the text of the message. These symbols, also known as pilcrows, are typically used to represent the end of a paragraph in word processing documents.

However, they can be disruptive and aesthetically unpleasing when they show up unexpectedly in your email communications. Fortunately, removing paragraph symbols in Outlook is a relatively simple process, and this guide will walk you through the steps to eliminate them from your messages.

Whether you’re experiencing this issue while composing new emails or when viewing received messages, we’ll explore different methods to help you get rid of these pesky symbols and ensure your emails look clean and professional.

Understanding and Deactivating Paragraph Symbols in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook, the ¶ symbols help identify the formatting used in an email and can be particularly useful when editing or troubleshooting unexpected formatting issues. However, when not editing, some users may prefer to deactivate them for a cleaner email appearance.

Deactivating paragraph symbols in Outlook can be done by following these simple steps:

1. Launch Outlook and open an email.

2. Look for the “Format text” tab on the top toolbar and click on it.

3. In the “Paragraph” section, locate the paragraph symbol () and click it.

When the paragraph symbols are deactivated, they will no longer be visible within your emails, providing a cleaner, distraction-free inbox. Remember, these symbols can always be activated again when needed for editing or troubleshooting purposes.


We hope this guide has been helpful in resolving the issue of paragraph symbols in Outlook. With the knowledge gained from this tutorial, you can now confidently address this problem and enjoy a seamless email experience!